Who We are ?

Some people are interested in who makes up the members of our club.

The focus of North Valley Toastmasters is the same as most clubs–simply to improve your speaking ability. While all general purpose clubs follow the same basic approach, there are very distinct differences between them. In our case, we tend to be a very upbeat, relaxed group. You will find a positive, supportive, and jovial atmosphere.

We currently have about 22-24 members with an average attendance of about 12-16. One of the members helped found the group back in 1965. Others are very new to the club.

We span the gamut of profiles: very young to very wise, high level executive to low wage earners to unemployed, self employeed and other.

A number of our members have English as a second (or third, fourth, etc.) language. We are quite varied in so many ways that it really makes the meetings quite interesting.

In terms of our more experienced speakers, we have ex-mayors, ex-District Governors, people who have made presentations on live TV, in front of groups of 2000 plus, stage performers and more. Some of these members have been in the club for well over 10 years. So you will find lots of support on a variety of levels.

On the other hand, we also have a number of very new members who are just getting their feet wet (so to speak.) We welcome people of every level of experience and background.