Presentation Tips

Here are some tips and tricks to help out new and seasoned members as they prepare for various speeches.

Using a Computer and Projector:

If you plan to use you computer and projector for your presentation, please consider the following:

Using Power Point to enhance your presentation properly:


There are presntation that go better if you have a prop. But don’t let the props detract from your presentation.

Preparing for a speech:

Improving your pronounciation:

If you want to improve your pronounciation, you have a number of choices. But your best starting point is to record your presentation and then listen to it later. How well do you understand what you said. Then get together with a native speaker and ask them for comments. I have found that there are often key sounds that can be a struggle for people and learning to master those sounds will solve many of the problems they have being understood.

Using Video/Audio recordings to improve your delivery:

You will find it to be a great advantage to have your speech taped so you can review it later – on your own or with your mentor. To have it taped, you will need to bring a standard SD memory card. The club had a group purchase of these and you can purchase one for about $10 or so. Check with the EVP for information on getting one. If your computer does not have a way to read SD cards, then we also have some SD cards that come with readers you can plug into your USB port.

Things you might do to prepare the room/audience for your speech:

Involving other members in your presentation:

Things you should NOT do or be very carefull when you do.

Feel free to submit any additional Tips and Tricks of your own. Just send them to the Webmaster.